Health Tests for Puppies

Puppies body systems are immature and to undertake a full blood and urinalysis before the age of 15 to 18 months could possibly produce spurious results. Therefore, unless a Vet advises a full blood and urinalysis it is not required for such a young puppy.

Responsible breeders, prior to homing their puppies, undertake tests on their litters.

These may include:

  • Basic kidney function - this is a blood test taken at approximately seven weeks of age to assess kidney function and can usually be completed by your vet ‘in-house’.
  • Eye test - at approximately six to eight weeks of age by a BVA approved Ophthalmic Vet. who checks for retinal folds and other eye diseases. The BVA web page has details of a specialist near to you.

    For more information, go to the Eyes page.

Breeders - Health Testing for parents, see Health Tests Prior to Breeding

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